April 14, 2012

Pattern - Hadley Lace Cowl

I decided that I needed to make a scarf of some sort to match the fingerless gloves and hat that I'd already made with this stitch pattern. So I made a cowl and wanted to share the pattern with you. Questions, comments or constructive criticism always welcome.

Edited 11/7/12: There was an error in round 3. It used to say 2dc in the same stich. It has been corrected to dc, ch 1, dc. Sorry.

V-Stitch Fingerless Gloves crochet pattern from Crafts by Sinjah

Finished Size
26” circumference, 10” high

Supplies Needed
2.5 oz/130 yds worsted weight
J/I hook

2 rnds - 1.25” , 2 pattern rpts (rnds 2-18) = 2”

 Uses the stitch pattern in the V-Stitch Fingerless Gloves from Crafts by Sinjah

Rnd 1. Ch 75, w/out twisting join w/ sl st to 1st ch, ch 1, sc in each st around, join w/ sl st to 1st sc

Rnd 2. Ch 3 (counts as 1st dc here and throughout), 2dc in same st, sk 2 sts, *3dc in next st, sk 2 sts*, repeat ** around, join w/ sl st to 1st dc

Rnd 3. Sl st in next st, ch 4 (counts as dc, ch 1 here and throughout), dc in same st, sk 2 dc, * (dc, ch 1, dc) in next st, sk 2 dc*, repeat ** around, join w/ sl st to 1st dc

Rnd 4. Sl st in ch sp, ch 3, 2dc in same ch sp, 3dc in next ch sp and each ch sp around, join w/ sl st to 1st dc

Rnds 5-18. Repeat rnds 3 & 4 seven times

Rnd 19. Ch 1, sc in same st and each st around, join w/ sl st to 1st sc, finish off and weave ends in


  1. This is really cute...thanks for the pattern! I can't wait to try it :)

    1. I'm glad you like it. Make sure you check out the gloves that it was based on. They're super adorable.

  2. Hi, I found your pattern on ravelry, and it looks great. Started it this evening, and I was wondering if there's a ch1 missed out between the 2dc in rnd 3? The first one is ch4 to count as DC plus ch1, but then it reads as if each following pairs of DC don't have a ch1 in the middle? I did rnd 3 as stated in the pattern, and with no ch1 space the next rnd is a bit of a squeeze, trying to fit 3dc in between the dcs!
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. You're right. I screwed it up and there should be a ch 1 between the 2dc. Sorry. I'll fix it. Thanks for letting me know.


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