February 15, 2013

That's Not Yarn...

We interrupt your regularly scheduled post about evil yarn to bring you this totally different, non-yarn project.

Last weekend, I made myself a pretty dress. I used Simplicity #1882 and Kona Cotton in Pomegranate Pink (bought at Jo-Ann). My color inspiration was Princess Aurora's dress because for some reason this pattern makes me think of her. And just because Prince Harry hasn't married me yet, doesn't mean that I can't start dressing like a princess now.

Anyways, the only modification I made was to make the pocket flaps and collar the same color as the dress instead of in a contrasting fabric. I thought it would be more versatile as one solid color.


  1. Pretty. I bought a pattern and fabric for long skirts last year and have only (sort of) made one. I've got to hem it because somehow it ended up about two feet too long!!

    Did you use a surger? My mom has one and I keep meaning to borrow it to make the other skirts - I hate the seam flip-flapping around!

  2. I enjoyed your blog, I have become your latest follower.

    As an ambassador for Arlee Bird of the A to Z Challenge I looked in to see if you realised how near the challenge is.


  3. Heather - Thanks I love this dress. And nope, no serger. Just my sewing machine named Berni. When I work with stretch fabric I just zig-zag and I'm not bothered by the seams in homemade garments; they're less itchy and scratchy so I just trim them then press them open or to the side. If it were me, I'd just cut off the excess length on your skirt.

    Yvonne - Thanks, I know exactly how near the challenge is. It's causing a bit of stress since I'm behind on my A to Z problems. But I'll get them done. Even if I have to pull some all-nighters.


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