April 5, 2013

Gimme an E!

Below is my contribution for today's letter of the Blogging from A to Z Challenge. For more information about the challenge please visit their website http://www.a-to-zchallenge.com. If this is your first visit here from the challenge, I'm embroidering song lyrics for each letter. I'm also participating over at The Occasional Adventures of a Hermit, feel free to check that out too.

There was no real search for an E song because I knew that I wanted to use "Emotional Girl" for it. Terri Clark has always been one of my favorite singers and I love this song.

But I'm not happy with the embroidery. I could never find a font that felt right. I ended up just handwriting the lyrics on the muslin, so that's my handwriting you see, but I still don't like it.

Song: Emotional Girl
Singer: Terri Clark
Album: Just the Same
Writers: Rick Bowles, Terri Clark, Chris Waters


  1. This is a cool idea! Can't wait to see the rest of the lyrics!

  2. but if the words mean something to you - the font shouldn't matter. Probably best in your own handwriting!

  3. Even though you're not overly pleased with your handwriting, hang on to it. Someday, you or you're descendents will be glad you did. I like your idea of putting these pieces into a quilt. What a wonderful heirloom that would make. Thanks for stopping by my 'D' post.
    AtoZ LoneStar Quilting Bee

  4. KYRambler - Thanks.

    Speedingturtle - I think I see flaws that others don't see. Now that there's some time between when I finished it and now, I think it's not so bad.

    Sue - I hadn't thought about the handwriting being important but that's true. I'm still undecided what to do about the embroideries. The quilt's a cool idea but there's some of these I definitely want to hang (F, J)

  5. Embroidery is becoming a lost art...perhaps using a chain stitch would make you like it better :)

    Happy A-Z April!

  6. Good lyrics and such a good idea to embroider them making them more tangible

  7. M - I only know the satin stitch and back stitch. Haha. Maybe I'll learn some others for next year.

    L - Thanks; I love this song.

  8. Nice job. Sometimes the simplest things are the best.
    I'll be back for more tomorrow.

  9. I am not a very crafty person, so I give you thumbs up for this endeavor!


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