April 12, 2013

Gimme a K!

Below is my contribution for today's letter of the Blogging from A to Z Challenge. For more information about the challenge please visit their website http://www.a-to-zchallenge.com. If this is your first visit here from the challenge, I'm embroidering song lyrics for each letter. I'm also participating over at The Occasional Adventures of a Hermit, feel free to check that out too.

Blogger is freaking at it again. I have that little intro up there saved as a draft so I can just copy & paste and it ate it. Again. This is the second time this week. On this blog. It's eaten the damned intro over at my other blog EVERY day this week. And I had some partially written posts saved as drafts. Poof. Gone. You're not funny Blogger. This is pissing me off.

Anyways. I finished my embroidery for today just about an hour ago. Yaaaayyyyy! Here it is.

Song: Kick a Little
Singers: Little Texas
Album: Kick a Little
Writers: Porter Howell, Dwayne O'Brien, Brady Seals


  1. What are gonna do with all these lyrics when you're done?

    1. Not sure. A quilt is a possibility.

  2. I like what you are doing! Sorry about how Blogger is treating you - Bad Blogger!
    I bet you write haiku. If so, have you entered the haiku challenge by To Tell Me More on public radio?
    Mary at Mary A to Z

  3. Blogger has a habbit of playing games, but I like the embroidery too. I have done bits and sew them onto jean jackets. They are inexpensive and are fun to add to at a whim.
    KaTy Did at: Life's Ride As I See It

  4. Mary - I don't write poetry in any form. It's never really been my thing.

    KT - I hadn't ever considered putting embroidery on a jean jacket or other clothes, but something to think about.

  5. Sorry to hear, hope they sort it out. I look forward to seeing how you use these pieces. Blessings!


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