April 13, 2013

Gimme a L!

Below is my contribution for today's letter of the Blogging from A to Z Challenge. For more information about the challenge please visit their website http://www.a-to-zchallenge.com. If this is your first visit here from the challenge, I'm embroidering song lyrics for each letter. I'm also participating over at The Occasional Adventures of a Hermit, feel free to check that out too.

Ha! I finished this about 15 minutes ago. Talk about getting it done in the nick of time. I had to use this song for my L. It's one of the songs that helped pull me towards doing the embroideries. I discovered Firefly because of this song (I heard it on a Pub Songs podcast @ pubsong.com) And then after watching Serenity, the song made sense. It's really sad because I love Wash but it's a great song.

Song: Leaf on the Wind
Singers: Bedlam Bards
Album: On the Drift
Writer: James Hazlerig

And bonus video because I love Wash and if I was going to be in a dangerous space battle, I'd want him to be my pilot. The inspiration behind the song.


  1. Great L day post! I'm a leaf on the wind - I love that line from Serenity; and I absolutely adore Firefly. Happy A to Z'ing! :)

  2. Your embroideries are just amazing .

  3. sotetangyal - I love Wash and that line is amazing. So silly but it makes so much sense.

    Sandra - Thanks

  4. awww, do you know that when I first seen that scene, I jumped when it happened, cursed and swore revenge, loved wash and his relationship with his wife and Mal. He was quite a character. Thanks for the post.

  5. I just adore these.

  6. Great post! I love Wash and Firefly. Beautiful idea for the A-Z Challenge.

    Melissa at My Creatively Random Life

  7. Great post for the letter L. I'm a leaf on the wind. What's that mean. Fabulous lines. I also enjoyed the Bedlam Bard's song. The clip was, indeed an added bonus to your post.

    Hi, I am your newest follower from the A to Z challenge. I am number 528 on the list.

  8. Great post. Firefly--sigh. Why couldn't it go on forever?

  9. Wicked Writer - I am not ashamed to admit that I cried for Wash.

    Emmly - Thanks! :)

    Melissa Ann - Thanks. Wash is one of my fave characters on that show.

    Melissa Sugar - Watch all of the episodes of Firefly and then the movie Serenity and the song, lyrics and phrase will make sense.

    Susan - Thanks. Curses on whichever moron canceled Firefly. All the best shows are canceled way too early.


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